Deputy Director for Operations & VIP

Deputy Director for Operations & VI
Hon. Jones

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE SUMMARY Highly motivated, reliable, accountable and results driven security professional with over 14 years of law enforcement experience and maintaining highly effective security intelligence operations. Trained with experienced in National Security policy and operations, as well as interagency responsibilities regarding emergency preparedness and operations required. Successful track record of leading Presidential motorcade unit and In-depth knowledge and skills surrounding Presidential protection. Experience in setting and achieving goals, prioritizing workload to achieve the overall mission of a team. Experienced working on elite security operations and providing dignitary protection to high-ranking officials and UN diplomats. Experienced working with foreign nationals, including local, Police, Military and United Nations security team. Strong ability to manage diverse security teams, adapt and perform under pressure in dynamically changing environments. Comprehensive security field training; and extensive experience in personnel management. Mission focused team player that will contribute to the overall success of an organizational mission. Areas of Experience:

  • Security Operations /Privacy Principles
  • Law Enforcement & Public Safety
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Presidential Motorcade
  • Individual Protection
  • Firearms Safety & Handling
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Training/Developing/Mentoring
  • Interviews & Interrogations
  • Personnel Management
  • Intelligence Collection
  • Emergency Planning & Response